Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mi Vida Paseo

I’ve done five* truly crazy drives in my life. In no particular order, they are:


·        Roundtrip from Albany to Baltimore. by back roads (more fun than the interstate), for a party in a Corolla FX16 with two passengers—one 6’6”, one 6’4” (right, Val?). This was not a large car.

·        Roundtrip from NYC to Deal’s Gap in a Caterham. See 1,700 by Se7en.

·        Commuting, every weekend during the summer of 1996, from upstate New York to somewhere in the vicinity of Ashtabula, Ohio, with Merdwin the Mediocre. The best part was when the Plymouth’s engine seized on the Thruway.

·        Leaving Heathrow in a brand new rented Cougar and entering London rush hour traffic, then driving over 3,000 miles though Scotland over the next month. The rental car company had never had a car returned with like mileage, and when I reported it, could at first not be convinced I wasn’t adding an extra zero.

·        Altamont to Mississippi, and back:

Back around 1994, I worked briefly for a dude who scraped out a living selling flatbed trailers, snowblowers, what-have-you. Well, now having his first employee, he decided he’d make a trip to a trailer manufacturer, cutting out the middleman. Wild Bill’s (it was on the sign) shop was in upstate New York, near Albany; the trailers, in Mississippi, near Tupelo.

The tow rigs were an 11-year old flatbed GMC Jimmy with duallies and 1-ton running gear; and a 14-year-old (c. 1980) 1-ton GMC Rallywagon van. We took the driveshaft out of the Jimmy, hitched it to the Rallywagon, and started flat-towing south.

The ride down wasn’t too awful; while I couldn’t sleep in the Rallywagon because of the ever-building heat, at least we could switch off driving, stopping about every six hours to refuel.

Wild Bill did not know about Deal’s Gap, which still doesn’t explain why he decided to go through Asheville, and then turn west from there. We hit it at dusk, about 14 hours after leaving New York at 3 AM, driving a GMC Rallyvan, flat towing a 1-ton Jimmy. Wild Bill drove, and I can still remember the sensation of looking down at the hairpins, wondering where the hell we were, and if the last person I’d ever see was Wild Bill. Brakes smoking, we crept through, with 300 more miles to go.

After 22 hours, we stopped in Red Bay, Alabama, right on the Mississippi border. After putting the Jimmy driveshaft back in, we Motel 6-ed it for about five hours of sleep.

The next day was the hottest that I, a Yankee, ever remember. Driving the now-separated rigs, we were at the plant when they opened, at 8 AM. Then we loaded the trailers. “How,” you might ask, “do you bring back a dozen trailers with two vehicles?” A tottering pyramid of trailers will do: Put a 24- or 22-foot trailer on the bottom, then a 20-foot trailer, then a 16, a 12, a 10 and an eight. Simple! The best part was crawling around on, and in between, the unpainted steel frying pans of the trailer beds in the burgeoning heat of a Mississippi July. Did I mention it was the second week in July? Needless to say, the tow rigs weren’t air-conditioned, either.

My next memory is taking the Rallyvan across a causeway near Knoxville, sticking my right leg out the window to ease the cramps from dehydration, and some release from the infernal heat of the GM 350 in the hump an inch from my foot. I started pouring ice water over my head, both in an effort to stave off heatstroke, and to stay awake.

Night brought some release, thundering up 81. It also brought weigh-ins. I was waved in, then through, mostly; the Jimmy had to stop at most, although it was a Class V vehicle. At some point, we made a 45-minute stop for sleep, but it was the middle of the night when we reached Binghamton, New York, and the Rallyvan’s wiring harness started to melt.

My first sign of trouble was when the dash lights died. I radioed (I used callsign Yellowjacket) Wild Bill; he said “keep driving.” The brake lights went next (I couldn’t see them reflected in the trailers any more); and then more exciting things started to happen, like losing trailer brakes. About 45 minutes out from Altamont, about 2 AM, I lost all lights, including headlights. Wild Bill agreed to pull of the highway—and have me follow his brake lights on the secondaries.

We did the whole trip, 2,500 miles, in around 54 hours. I collected my ($300) check from Wild Bill that night. A couple of days later, he called me to ask when I was coming back to work. I did not elect to return to his employ.


*Honorable Mentions:

  • Bennington to Grand Manan, Canada, and back, for vacation, with a boat on the roof of an Impreza OBS. Three ferries, I think.
  • Burlington literally until we ran out of road in Millinocket, then onto a float plane.
  • The Day of the Lobsters, Best, New York, to Lake George, for lunch.
  • Picking up a dog hitchhiker somewhere near the Massachusetts/Vermont/New York border, and driving it, apparently, to where it wanted to go.
  • Bennington to DuBois, Pennsylvania, with George Mattar.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Hymn for High Places

A climber's anthem, ripe for rediscovery

In darkened days of strife and fear,

When far from home and hold, 
I do essay my soul to cheer 

As did wise men of old ; 
When folk do go in doleful guise 

And are for life afraid, 
I to the hills will lift mine eyes 

From whence doth come mine aid.
I shall my soul a temple make

Where hills stand up on high ; 
Thither my sadness shall I take 

And comfort there descry ; 
For every good and noble mount 

This message doth extend— 
That evil men must render count 

And evil days must end.

For, sooth, it is a kingly sight 
To see God's mountain tall 

That vanquisheth each lesser height 
As great hearts vanquish small ; 

Stand up, stand up, ye holy hills, 
As saints and seraphs do, 

That ye may bear these present ills 
And lead men safely through. 

Let high and low repair and go

To where great hills endure ; 
Let strong and weak be there to seek 

Their comfort and their cure ; 
And for all hills in fair array 

Now thanks and blessings give, 
And, bearing healthful hearts away, 

Home go and stoutly live.

C. Hilton Brown. Aug. 22, 1917.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jocko's Rocket

Outside magazine, August 1999

Jocko's Rocket
Will the car of the future come screaming out of the Mojave desert?

By Brad Wetzler

Ninety miles east of Los Angeles, the San Bernardino Mountains give way to the flat, dusty moonscape of the Mojave Desert. Out here, the only things that stand up to the wind are gnarled Joshua trees and row after row of wildly spinning wind turbines. Continue driving east toward the town of Joshua Tree and you begin to see makeshift homesteads of shaggy-haired drifters living like moles in dug-out caves, plastic tanks discarded by chemical companies, and blue-tarp tents. Nearby, dozens of local eccentrics are hawking their artistry from flimsy plywood booths: miniature cacti welded out of copper, wood-carved jackrabbits, and beaded necklaces. Military jets scream overhead. Welcome to the gritty outskirts of Twentynine Palms, California, the last stop on the planet for deadbeats, loners, and dropouts; one of the few places in the country where $20 can last you an entire month; and home to a former drag-racing legend and self-proclaimed mechanical genius named Robert "Jocko" Johnson.

Organized chaos in Jocko's workshop

Jocko's compound stands alone amid the scorched desert scrub: four faded-blue Mack buses arranged haphazardly in a square. One bus serves as a bedroom and kitchen for Jocko and his wife, Joanie; another functions as storage; and a third doubles as a living room and a studio for Joanie, who's a painter. Curvaceous wood and metal sculptures depicting nothing in particular spruce up the dusty yard, which is littered with metal scraps and engine parts. Loud Salsa music, brought in by satellite, adds a ghostly, carnival atmosphere to the scene. And today, like most days, Jocko is sitting and contemplating the inside of bus number four, the one that serves as his workshop. Die grinders, band saws, hammers, and wrenches arrange themselves in an orderly chaos. On the wall above his cluttered work table an assortment of sun-bleached pages from drag-racing magazines flutter in the cool breeze of a window-mounted air conditioner.

Though it may not look like it to the casual observer, Jocko is hard at work on cracking a mechanical conundrum that has vexed armies of the sharpest automobile engineers from Tokyo to Detroit to Stuttgart—a problem that, if not solved, could mean the slow-burning end of life on Earth thanks to global warming: How do you make an engine that's just as powerful as an internal combustion engine, gets phenomenal gas mileage, and yet doesn't spew hydrocarbon pollutants into the air?

Pipe dream: the model PoweRRing3

Jocko has been mulling this over for 40 years, and he thinks he has the answer: a watermelon-size engine he calls the PoweRRing 3 Cycle, which he hopes will be the fastest, cleanest, and most fuel-efficient engine on the planet. "I live for the idea," says Jocko, massaging a piece of steel in his chapped hands. "Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come."

Jocko is a modern-day Henry Ford of sorts. At 63, he has a shaggy white beard, a burly build, and a fervent, helter-skelter way of expressing himself. His tousled white mane and torn blue jeans add to the air of manic distraction that surrounds him. For the last four hours, the lone mechanic has been milling engine parts and bending aluminum into curvaceous forms—components of his Spirit of 29Palms, the dragster he hopes will one day set a new wheel-driven land-speed record of 555 miles per hour, and prove to the world that the PoweRRing 3 is the engine of the future. "Sometimes I don't even stop to have a drink of water or eat," Jocko admits, as he cracks open a Pabst Blue Ribbon. "I can't stop until my muscles are burning."

Jocko may be too consumed by the PoweRRing 3 to think of himself this way, but he's among the latest in a long line of maverick American inventors who believe that they can improve life by creating the next lightbulb or personal computer—without help from corporations or foundations. Unfortunately, Jocko's pet project has a long history of flummoxing even the most brilliant minds—men like James Ward Packard, who invented the steering wheel and gas pedal; Preston Tucker, the founder and chief engineer of Tucker Motors; and more recently, John DeLorean, whose stainless-steel chariot enjoyed more world-beating success in the Back to the Future movies than in real life.

The fact is, except for incremental changes—fuel injection, for instance, which replaced the carburetor—the internal combustion engine hasn't been comprehensively redesigned since it was placed under the hood of the first automobile, in Munich in 1886. "The Volvo in my yard has the same engine as a Model T built in 1919," says Jocko. "The only thing different is that the Volvo has fuel injection and overhead valves. Engineers over the years have put a whole bunch of Band-Aids on it until we wound up with a Rube Goldberg affair."

All of which goes to say that the person who designs the car engine of the future will earn instant membership in a pantheon of immortal inventors—not to mention a lifetime supply of Bill Gates size paychecks. Is there any chance this titan of invention will be a lone craftsman like Jocko? "Impossible," says Csaba Csere, editor in chief of Car and Driver. "No one outside of major car companies can do it. Nothing can make up for the billions of dollars and hundreds of engineers working on the problem 24-7."

Ouch. That's exactly the kind of talk from which Jocko wanted to escape when he moved out to the Mojave 12 years ago. He makes a modest living hawking T-shirts, mugs, and model cars on the Internet and transforming the occasional client's car into a dragster—activities that leave him plenty of time to nurse a healthy grudge against naysayers and cultivate a fierce, if overinflated, sense of purpose. And to brood about bigwigs who might get nervous enough to dispatch hitmen to the California desert.

"For one reason or another, the Big Three in Detroit are not contacting me," he says, his voice rising to an excited pitch. "Maybe they think I'm going to be a flop. But they don't know bullshit!" He takes a swig of his Pabst and stares out the door of the bus to the blistering desert beyond, as though searching for the right words to explain his life's mission. "Yeah, this job has its costs, but if someone wants to make me dead over this, then cool. I'm not in this for any personal gain. I'm doing this for civilization."

But before his engine can save the world, Jocko has to build it.


Jocko is leaning over a propane stove, piling chunks of ground turkey breast and diced tomatoes into one "Jocko Taco" after the next and then spreading them out on the kitchen counter. At the same time, rapping as fast as Neal Cassady after a second pot of coffee, Jocko delivers a machine-gun survey of the problems he has solved with the PoweRRing 3, the engine of his dreams.

The internal combustion engine, Jocko argues, is inefficient because it's out of balance. Years of continual refinements heaped upon what he considers to have been a bad design to begin with have yielded a nightmarish tangle of iron and steel that is anachronistic at best and environmentally destructive at worst. "Newton tells us that for every action—and an engine is an action—there is an equal and opposite reaction. But where do you see that in a conventional engine? You don't. It's always out of balance because it only fires one piston at a time." The leverage generated by this single piston is weak and inefficient, he continues. When it fires, energy must be transferred to the crankshaft in order to generate rotary motion to turn the wheels. Meanwhile, a transmission is required to increase torque at low speeds. It's inefficiency in action.

According to Jocko, the essence of the PoweRRing 3 is its radial shape, relative simplicity (it has 146 fewer parts than a conventional V-8), and orblike symmetry. Eighteen pistons are arranged in a circle, with six—every third one—firing simultaneously to propel a cam wheel at the circle's center. A flywheel and belt links the cam to the axle. As the cam turns, so does the axle. There's no need for rods or a crankshaft because the engine itself generates rotary motion. Thanks to a few extra components—superchargers and ports—compliments of his dragster past, the power will be phenomenal (4,000 foot-pounds of continuous torque at 1,050 rpm), so a transmission is superfluous. And because the pistons are small, Jocko claims his engine will burn much less fuel and won't require a catalytic converter. "Fill the 15-gallon tank up and the PoweRRing 3 can go for a month without another gas stop," Jocko says. "I'm talking about gas mileage—300 miles per gallon—that's inconceivable!"

What kind of man could invent such a thing? The answer yanks us back down to earth, and backward 43 years. A high school dropout, Jocko bounced from one grease-monkey job to another before hanging his own shingle at Jocko's Porting Service in North Long Beach in 1956. ("Porting" is the process of grinding small holes in a car's cylinder heads to increase horsepower.) He was 20, and he quickly made a name for himself in southern California, fine-tuning engines for top drag racers and speed-crazed teenagers with their monster-horsepower Chevys. But all the while he knew he was destined for greater things.

On May 30, 1959, Jocko rolled out the now legendary Jocko Porting Service Special, a 950-horsepower fiberglass streamliner with a 43-year-old dragster named Jazzy Nelson behind the wheel. Screaming down Riverside Raceway in a blaze of smoke and rubber, the Special's engine blew a piston 200 feet before the finish line, yet still managed to coast to a new drag-strip record of a quarter-mile in 8.35 seconds.

Being a hot-rod legend was fine while it lasted, but then, as happened with so many others, the sixties expanded Jocko's consciousness. Toward the end of the decade he moved to Capistrano Beach, renounced racing, started a new career as a sculptor, and became a devotee of the Hindu philosopher Krishnamurti. He attended to material needs by making miniature dragster paperweights and Jocko Pocket Rockets—small, oblong marijuana pipes. Yet for all his renunciations, Jocko couldn't shake the conviction that, deep down, he was a drag-racing mechanic, and a pretty good one at that. "Drag racing did perform a service," he admits now. "It got this guy to think up how to build an engine that performs like a dragster but does so on a tiny bit of fuel and with very little pollution. Drag racing is not important, but it is where they push engines to their final fucking death. They make them live and die in seconds."

In 1978, Jocko and Joanie packed up their house and drove east to Twentynine Palms, where they'd heard you could buy land for $1,000 per acre. Jocko figured he'd need plenty of privacy if he was finally going to get around to building his automotive masterpiece.


Dream machines: a fibergalss replica of Jocko's 1959 dragster, General Motors' electric EV1, and the Honda hybrid (clockwise from top).

Two thousand miles northeast of PoweRRing 3 World Headquarters, the automotive industry is in a race of its own to reinvent the car. The starting gun went off with the first world oil shock, in 1973, when the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries curtailed production. History repeated itself in 1979 with sky-high prices, long lines at the pump, and in some places no gasoline at all. In 1990, the Gulf War briefly brought the oil jitters back, but soon scientists—not economists—were issuing dire warnings. Pollution concerns took regulatory shape in 1990, when Congress amended the Clean Air Act to require that automakers drastically reduce tailpipe emissions—hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen, and particulate matter—with each successive year. By 2004, car emissions must be reduced 88 percent from 1994 levels, and 88 to 95 percent in truck and sport-utility vehicles. (Ford recently announced that its entire 2000 model year line would meet the new standards, four years early.)

But government edicts have not been very effective when it comes to mandating that citizens drive the latest energy-saving cars. In 1990, for example, the California Air Resources Board legislated that by 2003, 10 percent of all autos sold in the state were to be electric. Suddenly the rush was on: General Motors sank $900 million into its EV-1 sedans, which ran on rechargeable batteries, and soon after, Honda, Ford, and Nissan entered the fray. Quiet and pollution-free, the electric car was pulling in the lion's share of research dollars as recently as last year, but there were still major design flaws: The average electric tipped the scale at an unruly 3,000 pounds—nearly a third of which was battery weight—and could typically travel only 100 miles before needing to be plugged in for as long as ten hours. By 1997, it had become glaringly obvious that the California mandate would fall far short of its goal, and by the time Honda announced it was pulling the plug on its EV Plus in May, the industry as a whole had sold only 2,000 electric cars.

Even as the electric vehicle was running out of juice, auto engineers were busy designing other alternatives. In 1998 Toyota introduced the hybrid engine, which draws power from both internal combustion and electricity, figuring that drivers could use the electricity option in congested, urban environments and switch to internal combustion on the open highway. To catch up with Toyota's Prius, which is currently being marketed in Japan at a loss of 25 to 50 percent, Honda is touting the November release of its own hybrid, a two-person ride that promises 80 miles to the gallon.

But the latest buzz out of Detroit surrounds an innovation called the hydrogen fuel cell, an engine that's powered with electricity produced by mixing hydrogen with oxygen from the air. Compared to the previous flavors of the month, the fuel cell is different: Nearly all the auto companies are pouring serious money into its development, and Wall Street types are keenly watching for the right moment to strike. The first attempt at a fuel-cell-powered car came in 1994, when Daimler Benz unveiled a cramped, two-person Mercedes van dubbed the New Electric Car (NECAR); the new NECAR 4 can seat four people and boasts an impressive range of 280 miles. Meanwhile, Toyota, GM, Ford, Honda, and BMW have all entered the race to design and sell an affordable hydrogen-powered car.

But skeptics abound, including gasoline loyalists who point out that DaimlerChrysler is having trouble producing one such car for much less than $100,000. Given these roadblocks, you might surmise that an internal combustion engine will still be cooking underneath your hood in the year 2010—though a fuel cell, or some other innovative technology, will likely be sharing the work. "An engine is the most expensive part of the car," says Csaba Csere. "For Ford to build a plant to produce a new engine, it would cost $1 billion. There's no replacement for the internal combustion engine on the horizon."

On this score, Jocko cheerfully agrees with the old guard in Detroit. "A gallon of gas is so powerful, so compact, that it's impossible to come up with a better idea," he says. "When engineers and advanced thinkers read this article and start to build on the principle laid down by this hot-rod guy they call Jocko Johnson, we'll be on our way toward a future that will save our precious fuel resources!"

"Jocko? I've never heard of the man," said the voice on the other end of the receiver. I had phoned up Jerry Elrite, a top product-design engineer in Ford's engine and power train division, to talk to him about the PoweRRing 3. "But I do believe there are more ways than one to skin a cat," he added. "Maybe he's onto something."

Those were reassuring words. Jocko's obstinate self-promotion, his annoying self-aggrandizing, his zip-bop-do-boo-bop jazz locutions had begun to make me wonder if the PoweRRing 3 was nothing but a desert-induced mirage. I started to fear that Jocko had less in common with the great automobile mavericks and more in common with the flea-market hucksters in downtown Twentynine Palms. For starters, it seems the closest Jocko has come to producing a real, live PoweRRing 3 is a half-built prototype, a small, rotating model; a steno pad full of scribbles; and plastic milk crates full of scrap metal spilling over onto his workbench. He's still at least $100,000 short of the money needed to finish building a prototype and then test it on a computer dynamometer. Not to mention the fact that the Big Three automakers aren't exactly beating down his door to get the blueprints.

I began calling every engineer, mechanic, and automobile expert I could find, describing the PoweRRing 3 and asking if it could possibly be the automotive savior that Jocko envisions. I started with my own mechanic, Elliot, who lent some historical perspective: "The basic design has been around since the early 1900s. You've seen them behind the propellers in World War II planes."

Lindsey Kendall, the curator of the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, home to the world's premier collection of automobile artifacts, confirmed this information. "They tried something like it on the Trossy Grand Prix in 1935. Also on the 1925 Julian, the Adams-Farwell, and the North-Lucas automobiles. They were too difficult to cool, which meant they broke down a lot."

David Cole, director of the Center for the Study of Automotive Transportation in Detroit and a son of former GM president Ed Cole, lauded Jocko's determination but painted a less than rosy picture of the PoweRRing 3's future. "There have always been guys throughout history who have dreamed up amazing engine designs and then become convinced that the Big Three, and now Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen, are out to get them. And there are guys who go to the auto trade shows touting bizarre things like the all-plastic engine or the perpetual-motion engine that supposedly produces more energy than you put into it. I don't know Jocko, but I've seen that type of engine before. He'll never meet emissions standards. But I wish him luck."

Not only were most of my sources pooh-poohing Jocko's design, but one engineer I spoke to said he'd heard of a man named Verne Newbold who lives in a trailer (he sold his house to pay for engine parts) somewhere in the Colorado Rockies and has been developing a radial engine much like the PoweRRing 3 for the past 30 years. Unlike Jocko, however, Newbold actually finished the Newbold Turbo Rotary Engine prototype in the 3-D. It reportedly caught the eye of Alabama-based defense contractor Northrop Grumman, which was interested—though for only about five minutes—in using it to power unmanned surveillance vehicles.

I checked back in with Car and Driver's Csere, who laughed when I asked again whether two such men, toiling in obscurity on their respective rotary engines, might be on the verge of greatness. "There's no way on God's green earth that someone like Jocko can make it happen," he said. "People like him make one engine and think they've reinvented the wheel. Does it start in minus-40-degree weather? Can it be rebuilt after 200,000 miles? Can it be mass-produced? We have a file in our office labeled the Crackpot Folder, where we throw everything about inventors of radial engines. These things don't pan out. Ultimately, nothing can keep up with the conventional internal combustion engine. Write Jocko off."


The lone inventor and his streamliner-to-be

The dinner dishes have been washed and put away, and we're sitting in lawn chairs watching a thunderstorm roll in from the west. Jocko's dog, a big-haired, skinny-legged mutt named Tina Turner, is scavenging for taco scraps in the trash. Out here in the yard, one of the few places where one can see the physical fruits of Jocko's hyperactive brain waves, the inventor seems unsure of himself for the first time. "Ideas come slowly when you don't have the support of the auto industry," Jocko says almost apologetically. "I can't afford to put my engine up on a dynamometer for six months and work out all the bugs. Anyway, I know I'm right. The auto companies have dropped the ball all these years. I just have to remain patient and keep plugging away."

Maybe so, but some questions still weigh heavily. What if he never finishes the PoweRRing 3? What if fuel-cell technology makes his engine obsolete before it fires a single piston? What if he goes down in history as just another crackpot car buff who died a frustrated, paranoid loner, defeated by his own obsession and by the omnipotence of the auto industry?

Here was my cue to ask Jocko about a disturbing discovery I'd made: His patent application for the PoweRRing 3 had been rejected on grounds that a patent for the idea had already been issued. In 1908. Combined with the Newbold information, there was some explaining to be done. But Jocko has been waiting for this question all night: "You show me an engine like this out there," he says vehemently. "You can't find it. I didn't copy anything, at least not anything less than the ideal—and I didn't see the ideal, so I had to invent it."

There is a long pause. What can one say to a statement like that?

Then Jocko is jumping out of his chair, motioning for me to follow. We walk around the side of his shop, where a long and narrow object lies hidden beneath a threadbare tarp. With David Copperfield-like panache he yanks the tarp up and away, revealing a gleaming aluminum sculpture, its curved lines built for speed. "The Spirit of 29 Palms," Jocko announces proudly. Actually, it's just a shell: no wheels, no suspension, no dashboard, and, of course, no engine. Nevertheless, Jocko seems suddenly cheered by the sight of his streamliner, as though he needed this tangible mass of metal—the dragster he hopes will break the land-speed record at the Bonneville salt flats—to remind himself that he's hot-rod legend Jocko Johnson, the man who's destined to make automotive history.

Brad Wetzler is a former senior editor of Outside. Stephanie Gregory and Christopher Weir contributed additional reporting for this story.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008



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Austin-Healey Club USA
Austin-Healey Sports and Touring Club
Austins UK
Bitter Club int - The unOfficial Bizzarrini Web Site and Register
BMW Vintage & Classic Car Club of America
Borgward Owners' Club - Powered by Hemmings Motor News
Bristol America
Bristol Owners Club Home Page
British Cars
Canadian Volvo Club Homepage
Citroën Concours of America, Citroen Club of America
Citroen Connection
Citroën Quarterly Citroën Club USA
Citroen sacramento club
Clare Classic and Vintage Club
Cortina Owners Club Of Ireland -- Covering the Ford Cortina 1962-1982
Datsun 510 Dime Quarterly
Datsun Roadster Resource Page
Datsun Z Club i
DeLorean Motor Company
DeTomaso, Pantera, Ford
ELVA Racing Components - The Official Elva Cars Web Site
facel club usa
FIAT America
Fiat-Lancia Unlimited
German Squad
Gull Wing Group International
IFHP / NAEFR Home Page
International 190SL Group :::
Irish Jaguar & Daimler Club *
Jaguar Clubs of North America
JCNA Forums - Jaguar Clubs of North America door handle post
Jensen Healey Preservation Society
Lamborghini Club America
Lotus, Ltd. - North America's Largest Lotus Car Club
M.G. Drivers Club is a national MG club
Maserati Club, Maserati Parts, MIE Corp.
Mazda Club - for all year Mazdas.
MB Strichacht Club Aktuelle Neuigkeiten
Mercedes Benz Veteranenclub e.V.
Mercedes M-100 Group
Mercedes-Benz Club of America
MG Carol & Gary's Club Page
MG Council of North America
Morris Minor,British Cars,Car Clubs
MR2 Owners Club (IMOC)
Nissan Datsun Car Club SA
North American Singer Owners Club, dedicated to restoring Singer cars
Opel Association of North America - Powered by Hemmings Motor News Home of the Classic Opel Community
Panhard & Levassor and Deutsch-Bonnet.
Pantera Owners Club of America
Peugeot Sport Official Owners Club
Porsche 356 Registry - Porsche 356 News, 356 Events Calendar, 356 Technical Information, 356 Vendor Links and more
Porsche 914
Porsche Club of America
PR british car club
Renault Owners Club of North America
riley register
Rolls-Royce Owners' Club
RSTCA Welcome Page
RX-7 Owners Club - powered by vBulletin
SCNA - Saab Club of North America
Solihull Society - Denver, Colorado
Subaru 360 Driver's Club - Powered by Hemmings Motor News
Sunbeam Tiger Owners Association
The Morgan Three Wheeler Club
The Sunbeam Alpine Owners Club of America :: Index
Toyota Owner’s and Restorer’s Club
Triumph Stag Club USA - Home Page
Triumph Stag Register
TVR in the New World
Vintage Volkswagen Club of America
Volvo Club of America Events
VSA Volvo Sports America
VSCNA - Vintage Saab Club of North America
VW Type 181 Thing Kubel Safari Registry
Z Car Home Page
Aston Martin Owners Club - North America
Sunbeam Alpine Owners Club of America

Clubs - other

Club dbase hemmings
club list
Professional Car Society
The Auto Channel--Multi-Marque Car Club List
Vintage Car Club of New Zealand Welcome to the NZVCC (Inc)
Vintage and Classic Car Club of India

Buy Classic Cars
Picasa Web Albums - Loveland CO VMCCA
Club Cobra - More on AC Cars coming to Connecticut...
FLU.ORG :: View topic - Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car wants a FIAT 124


J. J. Cole

Events and calendars

Audi Driver International 2005
Auto Events
Bridgehampton Road Rally - Long Island, NY - vintage car event
British Car Events: Main Listing
Car Show News - Concours d'Elegance
Classic & Sports Car - What's On
Classic Driver - Guide - events & auctions
Concours East
Drive! Online - #1 Calendar of Events
Going to the Sun Rally, NPC - Welcome
Goodwood Festival of Speed
Goodwood Revival
Greenwich Concours d ' Elegance
Hamptons Concours d'Elegance
Lime Rock Vintage Festival
Maine Winter Rally 2005, Rally Racing News
MG events.html
Mt. Washington
New York City Concours d'Elegance at Wollman Rink in Central Park
Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance
Racedates - A media services company specialising in the motorsport industry.
Sternfahrt 2005 - 19. Sternfahrt des MB -8 Club Deutschland e.V.
Welcome to the Monterey Historic

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G3 Downloads
Pocket Plane Group - Bending Baldur's Gate 2 and the Infinity Engine
Sorcerer's Place - Baldur's Gate Mods
Comprehensive BG1 Mod List ~Updated 8 Apr 2004~
ASUSTeK Computer Inc.-Support-

Fun car stuff

Aloha webcam
AUTOEXTREMIST.COM - Auto News, Spy Shots, Auto Show Galleries, Car Photos
Cybersteering - The complete guide to Indian Cars
Driving, motoring news and car reviews from the Sunday Times and The Times - Times Online :: News
For Car Information, Car Shows & Auto News - The Car Connection
GarethJones.TV – Home Page - Buying-Selling Cars, Car Finance, Prices, Auto News and Reviews
KaleCoAuto.Com Video
outback rodders - the premier entertainment website for the auto enthusiast
Sniff Petrol
Viewing - Go Fast Video 100mbits of Free Racing Videos
Small Car Plans

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401 K Login Form
ADP FlexDirect - Home
American City Business Journals - Login
Benefits eXpert
Hemmings Intranet
Microsoft ACBJ Web Mail



Local car contacts

Goyette Restoration Vintage Automobile Specialists
Royal Coachworks
RPM - Restoration and Performance Motorcars

Make-specific resources

ISUPAGE; Isuzu Automotive Performance Tuning Page
Mopar 1955-1961 Home of The Forward Look
Porsche 914 Fan Web Page
Triumph TR3, TR4, TR6, TR7, and MG MGB Restoration Parts
Wankel Rotary Combustion Engines (WRCE) and Vehicles


Acura Cars - RL, TL, TSX, RSX and RSX Type-S, NSX, MDX
Anhui Ankai Automobile Co., Ltd.
Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd.
Audi World Site Home
Autoindex! - research 1600 car makers, 40000 photos - the best and largest free online car catalog and biggest automotive direc
Automobili Lamborghini Spa
Beijing Automotive Industry Corporation (BAIC)
BMW Group
Brilliance Auto
Bristol Cars - Homepage
Buick High Quality Luxury Cars and SUV Vehicles - Luxury Cars and SUVs - STS, XLR, SRX, CTS, Escalade, ESV, EXT, DeVille, CTS-V
Caterham Cars Ltd - Designed For Racing, Built For Living
Chery- Shanghai Automotive SAIC
Chevrolet The Official Shopping Site of the Chevrolet Motor Division of General Motors
China Motor Company Limited
Chrysler - Home
CITROËN official site
Connaught Motor Company
Daihatsu Motor Company Limited
DaimlerChrysler - Home
DaimlerChrysler International Gateway
Dongan Heibao Company Limited
Ford Denmark
Ford Australia
Ford Motor Company Home Page
Fuji Heavy Indutries
Gardner Douglas Sports Cars
GM Cars - General Motor Corporate Website - GM Customer Service
GMC Trucks, SUVs, AND Vans We Are Professional Grade
Great Wall Automobile Holding CO Ltd
Guangzhou Oriental Baolong Automotive Industry Company Limited
Hindustan Motors
Holden Australia
Honda Worldwide Honda Motor Co.,Ltd.
Hunan Changfeng Motor CO Ltd
Hyundai Motor Company
International Cars & Motors Limited - HomePage
Iran Khodro Industrial Group Web Site
Jaguar Cars
Jeep -
Jiangxi Changhe Automobile Co., Ltd.
Kia Motors
Koenigsegg Official Website
Lancia. For Lancisti By Lancisti. Per Lancisti Da Lancisti
Land Rover - Welcome to Land Rover
Leblanc - Mirabeau - Caroline Official USA Site - Official home of Lincoln Cars, Lincoln SUVs, and Certified Pre-Owned Lincolns
MAGNA STEYR more value • more car
Mahindra Sona Ltd.
MARLIN SPORTSCARS - British Sportscar Manufacturers
Maruti Udyog Maruti800, Alto, Zen, WagonR, Versa, Esteem, Baleno, Grand Vitara, Gypsy, Finance, Insurance, Accessories, TrueVa
Mercedes-Benz USA, Home of Mercedes-Benz Luxury Automobiles
Morgan Motor Company
Morgan Motor Company media centre
Official site of Mercury Vehicles
Oldsmobile Home Page - Welcome to the Homepage
Pontiac New Car Prices New Car Quotes New Car Purchase
Porsche Website - Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG
Renault de Argentina
Rolls-Royce Trusted to deliver excellence
SAIPA Group official web site
Sanyang Industry Company Limited
Ssangyong Motors
Subaru Global
SUZUKI Motor Corporation
Swab Wagon Co., Inc. - Company History
Tata Motors - Come, drive through Tata Motors online...
TATRA, a. s.
Tianjin Faw Xiali Automobile Co., Ltd.
TORCH Automobile Group
Vanwall Cars Website Home Page
Volkswagen International Homepage
Volvo Cars
Volvo Group - Global home australia
Welcome to
Westfield Sportscars Ltd - The Ultimate Driving Experience
Peugeot International Website
Lotus Cars


Petersen Automotive Museum
Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum
Blackhawk Automotive Museum
The Auto Collections
Welcome to The Nethercutt Collection!
North Carolina Transportation Museum
Canadian Automotive Museum
Astor Classics Event Center
Canadian Automotive Museum
The Historical Automobile Society of Canada

Old & Archived stories

1957 Opel Rekord (video/quicktime Object)
OPEL - Corporate Communications - our heritage - making motorcars affordable, 1929 - 1945

300SEL Buyer's Guide
Mercedes Benz Grand 600 Restoration
Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3
MercedesShop - Mercedes Benz Parts and Technical Information
My 1969 Mercedes Benz 300 SEL 6.3
SL Market Letter
Star Motors 6.3

ghia450ss : Ghia 450SS - The Definitive Resource -- Contact us

58 Packard Hawk

1956 STUDEBAKER GOLDEN HAWK and other Hawks
Bill Jackameit's Studebaker Page
Packard Automobile Classics, Inc. - The Packard Club
Packard Hawk Home Page

70 Mustang 351C

1970 Mustang
1970 Mustang 351C - Google Search | 1969-1970 Mustang Ads

Amateur racing

ACCUS-FIA Denver Colorado
Bertil Roos Racing school
Bondurant Racing School - Driving School
Bridgestone Racing Academy
CASC Ontario - Home
Derek Daly Performance Driving Academy - auto racing school and defensive driving school for corporate entertainment in Las Veg
e-KMI Home Page
ESPN Russell Racing Schools Race Car Driving School Auto Racing Schools
Historic Sportscar Racing
International Conference of Sports Car Clubs
Jim Russell Racing Drivers School
MONOPOSTO RACING - Camaraderie and Competition National Auto Sports Association
Panoz Racing School Home
Skip Barber Racing School LLC
Sports Car Club of America
Sports Car Club of Vermont
Sportscar Vintage Racing Association
VARAC - Vintage Automobile Racing Association of Canada - Welcome
Vintage Drivers Club of America
Vintage Racer Group
Vintage Sports Car Drivers Association
Vintage Sports Car Racing (VSCR) - ©AutoPhotos 2003, Ed Hyman
World Karting Association - News - Home

Assorted old stories

1953 Imperial Service Manual
64 Sunbeam Alpine Series IV 2000
chrysler lebaron - Auctions
CNSC - Putting Nuclear Safety First - Protecting People
Dave Big Deal
Honda Sports Registry Classic Honda News and Information
Sinatra T&C
Sunbeam Finding the Line...
Welcome to Formula H Motorworks - Honda and Acura Automotive Repair, Honda Power Equipment and Tractor Sales and Service
Woody Wagons, Coachbuilt Woodies, Woodys, Station Wagons, Depot Hack, Suburban, Wood Wagon, Builders, Body, Wood Station Wagon, Chrysler,
Woody Wagons, Woodies, Woodys, Station Wagons, Depot Hack, Suburban, Wood Wagon, Builders, Body, Wood Station Wagon, Chrysler,

Catalina SD

1963 Pontiac Catalina station wagon
Simple Search
Space Cowboy Saloon

Dodge 880 cop car Photos, Reference and Restoration Resources for Dodge Polara and Other
The Emergency Vehicle Owners & Operators Official Web Site
1963 Dodge - Main Index
1962 - 1963 - 1964 - 1965 Mopar Web Site
Police Car Owners Of America Homepage
dodge880 Yahoo group


American Auto Dream
Cars Europe
Classic Car Import specialized in Mini, Cooper, innocenti and BMW.
G&K Automotive Conversion, Inc.
Importing a Classic Car to America
Importing Vehicles and Engines - EPA
U.S. Residents Importing and Exporting Vehicles -
US Customs
US Ports of Entry
Vehicle Eligibility List July 14, 2004
Vehicle Importation Regulations

Mustang FR 500C

Champion Ford Racing
Ford Racing Performance Parts [Racing]
Grand American Road Racing Association
Ian Lacy Home
Multimatic Inc.


Akzo Nobel Car Refinishes North America
AutoBodyStore Break Room - Message Index - Home Page
Bill Hirsch Automotive Products
Color-ite Vintage Automotive Paint Specialist
Detroit Colour Council
DuPont Performance Coatings
Hibernia Auto Restorers
Hot Hues by DuPont...
House of Kolor Home Page
Orangeburg Auto Paint Product Lines,Auto Body and Paint Products
PPG Refinish Home
Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes Product Catalog
Standox Car Paint - Colour Tools - Bodyshop Consulting - Micro Repair - Training
Vintage Paint Company - manufacturers & suppliers of specialist paint for restoration & preservation of classic & vintage c


audi ur quattro uk owners club
AudiWorld - Discussion Forums
David Sutton Automotive Group - World Rally Championship Team and Rally Car Experts
Quat Continuum
quattro owners club - quattro file

Glas GT

Glas GT Coupe
GLAS Automobil Club International e.V. - English

Monte SS BG

Monte Carlo SS Parts - Mike's Montes
National Monte Carlo Owners Association
Monte Carlo SS Parts Information

Arizona 06
Yahoo! Driving Directions - Phoenix, AZ to Avondale, AZ
Phoenix Raceway - Contact Us
Hampton Hotels Reservations
Phoenix Inn Suites Online Room Booking
AAA Northern New England
Southwest Airlines - Check In and Print Boarding Pass

Monterey preview

Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance : Contact
Hot Deals -- Monterey Visitors Guide . Com
City of Monterey | Transportation
City of Monterey | Parking Division | Smart Parkcards
City of Monterey | Parking Division | Free Trolley Service - Catch the WAVE
J. Lawrence Khaki's Men's Clothier of Carmel
Google Maps

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Harrison Motorsports Racing to Perfection!
Bilstein Shocks Bilstein Truck Shocks Bilstein Absorbent Shocks Koni Absorbers Shocks
E9/E3 -- Ireland Engineering Online Store
SSR | The Senior Six Registry
SSR | The Senior Six Registry
BMW Bavaria Defense Mechanism: The BMW Bavaria / E3 Internet Resource
Techno Classica Parts
Walloth u. Nesch: Welcome
Metric Mechanic Homepage
Walloth u. Nesch: Framepage Spare parts
Don Dethlefsen and Mike Marijanovic present The Werk Shop - BMW Restoration and BMW Service for the BMW Enthusiast

Subie links

1993-2001 Impreza
Xcceleration - Subaru WRX - STi - Forester XT - Legacy GT Performance Parts
Lachute Subaru Performance
Garage Tuning
LIC Motorsports: A Professional Subaru Performance Shop Modifications
All Subaru - Your Online Source
Impreza WebRing: hub
Impreza Outback Sport
Model Marque Subaru Impreza WRC Solberg
RalliTek Subaru Performance Parts
Subaru Performance Parts Legacy, Impreza, Outback
Subaru Technical Information System - Home
OutbackSport : Outback Sport
SUBARU OUTBACK - A Home to Subaru Enthusiasts
Subaru Performance Parts & Accessories - WRX, STi, Impreza, Outback, Baja and More - The SUBARU DATABASE
Flickr: Contacts

***80s Metal FM***
Adrants » Marketing and Advertising News With Attitude
App. Skins > Windows Media Player
avatar.php (JPEG Image, 80x80 pixels)
Cave Search and Rescue Team
Core Rulebooks (Dungeons & Dragons(r) Gift Set) - Everything you've always wanted for your car, garage and lifestyle...
Global Music Resource - Radio Stations on the Web and Internet Streaming
GSA Auctions®, General Services Administration, Government Site for Auctions mark ii-2873_std.jpg
Lotsofskins - Skins for winamp, windows media player, tallisman, windowblinds and more for download!
Make your own Subie paper model: ペーパークラフト
MP3: Streaming: Stations - Candidates on the Issues
PimpZilla, a pimpin' theme for the browser Firefox
Stoke City Live Text
Stoke City | Home
The Dilbert Blog
Welcome To Reality

Cave of Crystal Giants — National Geographic Magazine
An E36 love story
Live F1 streaming
Get involved


Online Depth of Field Calculator - Digital Art & Photography Community


Aston Martin Media
Aston Martin Media Website - Company
Bentley Media
BMW Group PressClub
BMW Konzernarchiv
Chrysler Group Media Site
Corvette Media Online
Daimler-Benz Heritage
Ferrari Media Center
Fiat Auto Press
GM Media Online English
Honda newsroom
Lotus Media Centre
Newspress Homepage
Peugeot Pressepro
Proton Berhad
PSA Peugeot Citroen - You are journalist
Toyota Corporate - European Media Site
Toyota/Lexus/Scion Pressroom
Volkswagen Motorsport Information
VW Media Services - en
Faurecia: Press Center
Audi Media Site : Home : Home
Morgan Motor Company

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Street Races, Beautiful Ukrainian Girls, both simply fast and powerful Cars
Stuff About Cars
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Tales of a Test Driver
Tapscotts Behind the Wheel
The Auto Blog
The Grand Auto Club
Unhealthy Obsession with Cars
Vintage Motors
Wheel Talk

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3.0 CS

La Jolla Independent
Korman Autoworks High Performance BMW Parts, Accessories and Service
Walloth u. Nesch: Framepage Spare parts
BMW 3.0 CS Coupe Parts and BMW 2002 Parts | CSi Inc. in Pomona, California
BMW Parts and BMW Accessories | Bavarian Autosport

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1931 Chev - Welcome

212 0086E

212 Export s/n 0086E
212 Export - Index
Ferrari Chassis Numbers
Markowski 340
FERRARI MODELS CLUB - 212 Carretto Siciliano
212 Barchetta

AC Ace - Practical Classics
The AC Enthusiasts homepage
The History of AC Cars - Automotive Articles .com Magazine
Vintage Chevrolet Club of America (VCCA): Hemmings article

164 Procar

[Folder Name]

YouTube - Alfa Romeo 164 Procar V10
Alfa Romeo 164 ProCar - - Images, Specifications and Information
164 ProCar photo page
Video Alfa Romeo 164 Procar V10 » » Autonieuws van de straat

Wire wheels

Eric Magnuson v. Kelsey-Hayes Co.
The sit-downers’ legacy lives on - July/Aug 2005 Solidarity
Home Main
Dayton Wire Wheels ™ Cars, Street Rods, SUVS and Trucks

Art porsches

Check out this Porsche Art Car - Dubspeed Racing Forums - Home
A very special Porsche - forums
Translated version of

Evolution of the Inline Six. - Scream And Fly Powerboat and High Performance Powerboating Discussion Forums

See the USa

Yahoo! Maps, Driving Directions, and Traffic
U.S. Route 101 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Washington State Tourism - Pacific Coast
DOT Byways Map
Washington 101

Welcome to John's Old Mercury Web Site Wedding Registries, Unique Modern Gifts, Alessi, Iittala
Outboard motor parts, Mercury, Johnson, Evinrude, new, used, NOS, classic, and vintage

58 Impala

1958 Classic Chevrolet '58's Real Eye Opener is CHEVY!
1958 Classic Chevrolet - Impala Body Styles
1958 Chevrolet - The Old Car Manual Project
/ 1958 Chevrolet_3_0001.jpg


BMW 3.0CS, CSi, CSL Coupes : <IMG SRC="st.jpg">Coupes and Parts - Street and Racing<IMG SRC="ca.jpg">


Brown Fox Books
Green Mountain Motorbooks in Vermont
Hatch and Sons
Motor Library
ProAutoTools Home
The Vintage Paint Company - manufacturers & suppliers of specialist paint for restoration & preservation of classic & vintage c


AAPEX Website


Cars at Carlisle
Lime Rock Park - Home

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BBC Sport--Football
FIFA USA Team News
Hemmings 1885 to 1915 forsale Classifieds
Scuttlebutt - Your Source for Daily Sailing News

Products - Archival Gold
100 years at Karmann Velocity DVD-R 8X 4.7 GB Discs (100-spindle): Electronics
Archival Dvd-R at Wholesale -
DINE ONLINE - The Best place to buy Close-up Camera equipment for Dental and Medical fields
Driver Rob’s selection
Fuji - 100 x DVD+R 4.7GB 8X silver - inkjet hub printable - storage media - 25302586 - Computer Supplies & Media - CD Recordable & Optical Media - PC Mall
Improved 8x Archival Quality AZO DVD-R Media, Silver Over Metal AZO Blue Dye for Longest Lifetime Data Storage and Video Playback, 4.7GB V2.0 for General at Wholesale -
Joe Cool The Great
Nick's blog
No Logo (Unbranded)
Purchase Airtime
Sell your Antique / Vintage/ Prewar Car cars - Pre War Car for sale
UltraLife™ Gold Archival Grade DVD-R 4.7GB 8X 50pk Spindle
VeloceToday - Online Magazine for Italian Car Enthusiasts!
Welcome to Verbatim


The Library of Congress
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The University of Chicago Library
Chicago History Museum | Chicago History Museum
Chicago Historical Society's History Files
Photographs from the Chicago Daily News:1902-1933, Chicago Historical Society (American Memory, Library of Congress)
AACA Library


YouTube - The Exboyfriends - Alternative Medley
YouTube - The Exboyfriends - Man In The Box
YouTube - Howard Stern Xmas Carolers - The Exboyfriends
YouTube - The Exboyfriends - Rock & Roll All Night

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Denny Aungst's Wandering Hobbies
Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car wants a GTV-6 - Alfa Romeo Bulletin Board & Forums
Keystone Garage Club Index Page
Seeking a GTV6 for magazine feature - Home Page
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Strobist Preliminaries
Strobist: Lighting 101
Trackme » Bigoceans | Tiny Boat

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My My Summary -
2006 Hyundai Accent: four doors, alloys, LOW miles HIGH MPG
Salisbury Motor Car, Audi and VW - Vehicle Showroom: Vehicle Detail - Salisbury Center, New York
Find Your Car: No Adobe Acrobat Reader -
Inventory Search
Welcome to Kinney Motors of Rutland VT - Audi, Subaru and Volkswagen dealer.


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Japanese Nostalgic Car :: View topic - Seibu Keisatsu - A few full episodes
JLA FORUMS - Listen/Upload Music & Videos
m o v i e l e n s
Google Image Labeler
Free Online MIT Course Materials | Mechanical Engineering | MIT OpenCourseWare
FoxyTunes Planet - Web of music at your fingertips
Dirt Track Productions - DVD of Riding Solo To The Top Of The World
By the People, For the People: Posters from the WPA, 1936-1943 I Love Adolphus Long Sleeve T-shirt: Apparel
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eBay Motors
Gold Book Classic Cars
HMN search
LexisNexis AlaCarte!™
Price Guides
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eBay - Autos, Used Cars, Boats, Trucks, Parts, Accessories, and Other Vehicles - buy and sell now on eBay Motors
Old Online Chevy Manuals
Global Auto Index - research 1,700 car makers, 100,000 photos - the best and largest free online car catalog and biggest automotive directory in the world. Vehicle information and pictures.
Velocity journal
US-EU-JP conversions
Unit Conversion - Online Unit Converter - Images, Specifications and Information
Top speed calculator
SUPERCARS.NET - Past and Present
Sports Car Market > Auctions > Auction Database
Skinned Knuckles
Seek Advice--elder wisdom
Pre War Car All about Antique, Vintage, Prewar Cars and For Sale
Motor Trend Classic Homepage
Metric conversions
Kelley Blue Book - Used Cars
Internet Archive - Classic Cars Magazine
How Much Is That? | EH.Net
GM Photo Store
GlobalAuto.Net - Home
FIVA - Federation Internationale des Vehicules Anciens
Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs - An online car magazine and information database of fast cars with pictures and specifications of over 1000 of
Database Search
Collector Car Trader online - the magazine featuring classic cars
ClassicInside - Newsletter
Classic & Sports Car - Auctions Home
CCCA Approved List Auto Parts Market
Car Design News
Car Collector Magazine -- Web Edition
AV's World Automobile Industry
Automotive News @
Hemmings Motor News: Search Classified Ads
CIA - The World Factbook
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LexisNexis by Credit Card - Search Forms Catalog
Las Vegas Motor News
Mulsanne's Corner, technical analysis of contemporary sports prototype racing cars



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The Journal
The View Through The Windshield - Car Blog
Davestuff - Create Post
Picasa Web Albums - Proscriptus
Bike High
Wannadrive. Cars you can’t have › Dashboard — WordPress
JustGoFaster :: The Wiki | classic car africa
Cars in South Africa  -  Classic, Antique & Vintage Cars
this is a summary of graphic design by kevin mccauley
Wannadrive. Cars we don’t get.


National Geographic drives
America's Byways®: National Scenic Byways Online
National Park Service MediaRoom


Bella Pictures® wedding photography - Your Story. Your Style.
Bennington College - Search Job Listings
Employment Opportunities - About SVC - Southern Vermont College
Orvis -- Help Wanted | Job Openings | New Positions | Career Opportunities
The Clark - The Clark - Current Openings
Williams College Human Resources
WSO Job Board

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Cushman: Cars
FEMA archive
U Milwaukee
SF Public Library
National archives
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U of Chicago library
Arizona Images - A Historical Photographic Collection
Prints and Photographs Online Catalog (Prints and Photographs Reading Room, Library of Congress)

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American Classic Auctions
Atlantic City Classic Cars Event
Barrett-Jackson Auction Company
Bonhams, Motor Cars at
Boyd Coddington´s Collector Car Auction
Bud Ward's Antique Cars
Carlisle Auctions - Homepage
Cox -- April, AUgust, October
Ft. Lauderdale Collector Car Auction, Presented By Dave Rupp!
Gooding & Company - Auctions And Brokerage of Fine Automobiles
Hemmings auction listings

Overseas sales

Small or specialist overseas sales

Barry L Hawkins : Chartered Surveyors : Auctioneers : Valuers : Estate Agents
Bolaffi S.p.A ....dal 1890
Clarke & Simpson - Estate Agents - Chartered Surveyors - Framlingham - Suffolk
Dreweatts 1759 ::The Fine Art Auction Group:: Home Page
H J Pugh & Co Auctioneers--tractors
Julian Shoolheifer - Tender Sales
Mercier & Cie | Commissaires-Priseurs Associés | Auctioneers
Palmer Snell
Peter Francis
Reeman Dansie's Auction Catalogues
Thomson Roddick & Medcalf - Fine Art, Antique & Book Auctioneers & Valuers.
Traditional Auctions - Auctioneers Australia - GraysOnline
W and H Peacock Auctioneers and Valuers - Home
William Wilson Auction-Realty Inc. New Harmony, Indiana - The Auction Center
Wingetts - Auction Room, Fine Art and Antique Sales

Artcurial (French only)
AUCOR :. Africa's Auction Authority : Major french auctioneers for Art, Antiques & collectibles - Home
Barons Car Auctions
BCA Classic & Vintage auction
BCA European calendar
Bonhams & goodman
Brightwells Classic Car Auction
Brightwells Classic Cars & Bikes > Home
Calendar: Anamera
Charles Leski Auctions Online - Auction Schedule
Cheffins Classic Motorcycles & Automobilia Homepage
Classic Auction Co
Coys of Kensington
Dorset Vintage & Classic Auctions
Forthcoming Auctions - Motorbase
H&H Classic Car Auctions
John Sutton Auctioneers
Lambert & Foster Car Auction
Leonard Joel » Melbourne Auctions, Australian Auctioneers
luzzago - Aste
Motor Cars 2008 diary
Motor Cars at Bonhams
Oldtimer Galerie Toffen
OldtimerPress - Újság - Könyv - Aukció
Osenat - Maison des ventes
Pickles (Australia)
Seidel & Friedrich GbR - Autotechnikauktion
Shannons Auctions
Sportscar Auction
TCA Transport Collector Auctions Automobilia Toys & Models
Thimbleby & Shorland
Turners (NZ)

Hill Country Classic Auction Presented by Dan Kruse Classics
International Classic Auctions
Keith McCormick
Kruse International - Home Page
Leake - June, Feb, Nov
Mecum Auction - Live Collector Car Auctions
MidAmerica Auctions, Inc. - Vintage Motorcycle, Classic Automobile and Late Model Vehicle Auctions
Petersen Auction Group of Oregon
Premier - Santiago
Raleigh Classic
Rinstad Collector Car Auctions
RM Auctions, Inc.
Russo and Steele Collector Automobile Auction
Silver Auctions
Sotheby's - Auctions - Calendar - Results
Specialty Auto Auctions, Inc.
Tom Mack Classics
VanDerBrink Auctions
Worldwide Group - Auctioneers - Appraisers - Brokers

Small/annual auctions

Alderfer Auction & Appraisal
Auction Schedule
Auctioneers Miller
AuctionPipeline Home
Aumann Auctions--mostly tractors & petroliana
Stephen Bennett Auctions
Blackhawk Collection-Hershey
Brasher's Auto Auctions
Central PA Auto Auction
Classic Automobile Auctions of America - The Auction
Classic Carriages Home
Dirk Soulis Auctions - Fine Art and Antiques.
DP Miller
Gores News Page
Hamptons Auto Classic
Hidden Gems
ICONIC Auction Co.
J Wood and Company mostly motorcycles
Kensington New England Fall Classic
King Auction--tractors
Lynnway Auto Auction
Matthews Auction Current Auctions
Meier Auction and Liquidation - antique tractors, gas engines auctions - Vehicles, collector vehicles, car parts auctions
Nixon Auctioneers--tractors
O'Gallerie: Auction Schedule
Okotoks Collector Car Auction--May
Owls Head New England Auction
Potts Auction Company Upcoming Auctions
Pioneer Auto Auction Services
Randy Inman Auctions Inc. | 207-872-6900 | Specializing in Antique Toys, Advertising, Coin-Ops, and More
Red Baron's Antiques - Atlanta, GA
Richmond Auto Auction
Rusty Rhynalds Auctioneer
Shamrock Auction Service - No fee consultation
Simnitt Bros., Inc. Topeka Kansas
Stokes Auction - Auction Calendar - Auto Auction - Antique Auction
Sullivan Auctioneers, LLC - Auction Listings
Terry Howe and Associates, Inc. - Auctioneers
U.S. Treasury - Seized Property Auctions
Upcoming KIKO Auctions
Valpariaso Indiana Car & Motorcycle Shows, Swap Meets & Auctions
Vintage Auctions Canada
Wildwood NJ Classic Car Auction
Zephyrhills--Feb & November Classic Car Sales
Vicari Motorsports
Skinner, Inc
Witman Auctioneers Professional Auction Service Since 1970
Petersen Northwest Auctions | Portland Oregon Auctioneer
The South Dakota Auction Pages
Welcome to Williston Auctions
VIP First Class - The Luxury Lifestyle Provider! - Official Site
Maring Auction Company - Conduction Auctions since 1980

Classic & Antique Cars | OC Collector Cars, Ocean City, Maryland

Mick Farren The Tale of Willy's Rats 2002 contents
Ordering from The Tire Rack? - NASIOC
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