Tuesday, July 24, 2012

SPECS: 1961 OSCA 1600 GT

I take a strange satisfaction from a well-formed spec page. After poring though FIA homolgation documents, in Italian, I think I've got them for the OSCA. The story won't use them except perhaps in abbreviated form, so I'm releasing them to the world. Fly, little OSCA specs. Fly!

1961 OSCA 1600 GT



Displacement 1568cc (95.7-cu.in.)
Bore x stroke 80 x 78 mm
Compression ratio 9.2:1
Horsepower @ rpm 125 @ 7,000
Torque @ rpm NA-lbs.ft. @ 6,000
Main bearings Five
Fuel system Dual sidedraught Weber 38 DCOE carburetors, electric fuel pump
Ignition system 12-volt, Marelli ignition
Lubrication system Pressure, mechanical oil pump
Electrical system 12 volts
Exhaust system Fiat-Osca tubular 4-2 header, single steel exhaust

Type Fiat four-speed, 8.5-inch single dry plate clutch
Ratios: 1st 2.688:1
2nd 1.660:1
3rd 1.254:1
4th 1.000:1
Reverse 2.688:1

Type Semi-hypoid, floating axles
Ratio 4.30:1 (10/43)

Type Fiat manual screw and roller
Ratio 5.0:1
Turns, lock-to-lock 3.25
Turning circle 16.4 feet

Type Four-wheel Girling hydraulic disc, manual
Front 11.7 inches
Rear 11.7 inches

Construction Alloy body on steel tubing with ladder-type steel frame
Body style Two door, two passenger coupe
Layout Front engine, rear-wheel drive

Front Independent: Upper and lower wishbones, coil springs, tube shocks, stabilizer bar
Rear Independent: Upper and lower wishbones, coil springs, tube shocks, stabilizer bar
Wheels Five-lug Amadori six-spoke cast magnesium
Front/rear 15 x 4.5 inches
Tires Pirelli Cinturato S (Vredstein radial shown)
Front/rear 155 x 15 inches

Wheelbase 88.6 inches
Overall length 153.5 inches
Overall width 59.1 inches
Overall height 47.2 inches
Front track 50.0 inches
Rear track 48.0 inches
Shipping weight 1,900 pounds

Crankcase 4.8 quarts
Cooling system 7.1 quarts
Fuel tank 13.2 gallons
Transmission 1.4 pints
Rear axle 1.3 pints

Bhp per cc 12.54
Weight per bhp 15.2 pounds
Weight per c.i.d. 19.85 pounds

Top speed 127 mph
Source: OSCA

Base Price $[NA]

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

That muffled throbbing tone

Of all the times I dearly love,
There’s one I love the best;
It’s not a song of  turtledove,
Nor of a feathered nest;
It has a hum that’s all its own,
Without a skip or jar,
It is that muffled throbbing tone
of my big Staver car.

The world is striving all the time,
To master speed and pow’r,
And wise brains full of cog-wheels claim
two hundred miles an hour;
But what’s the use of  flying when
You can’t go half so far?
Just take a tip from me, my friend,
Go buy a Staver car.

Staver, Staver, never yield,
A wounded stag upon your shield,
Swift and pow’rful on your way,
Vic-to-ry will crown your day;
First upon the road and track,
Foemen always see your back;
Your speed and strength are on a par,
Staver, Staver, you’re a grand old car!