Friday, May 16, 2008

Letter from Bulgaia

Self explanatory, I trust.

Dear David (if I may),

Frankly speaking, I thought you were joking when you wrote that you were about to send me a couple of T-shirts. But, believe it or not, a parcel arrived this morning with the shirts therein! It is amazing, I had to pinch myself. I brought them to class and my students liked them so much that I had to donate them to the best two students. I also ironed the Wallstreet Journal which is actually an oddly shaped newspaper and opened it proudly in the university cafeteria. Gossip ceased and everybody looked at me flabbergasted. Why is it wrinkled, someone asked. Because censorship is back, I retorted. There you are, no shirt finally, but a very big "thanks" for the wonderful gesture. I hope that you will be able to amass some other T-shorts before Christmas or rather in time for my birthday which falls on 23rd December. I always say that I was born between Stalin (21st December) and Jesus (25th December), so I must have something from both of them :)))

The old car magazine which you edit so well looks and reads gorgeous although I do not have a car. When I was younger I used ro roam about on a motorcycle. But after several accidents and first signs of rheumatism I began to wonder about the risks of driving it. Then I brought it to a friend for some repairs and he later claimed that someone broke in and stole it. Our friendship ended on the spot and I suddenly got sick and tired of this dangerous hobby.

I am aware of what the automobile industry meant for the history of America but I think that the ecological challenges nowadays must be met by greater reliance on public transport. Such a change is almost inevitable and the sooner Americans realize it, the better.

With best wishes,
Fr Pavel