Thursday, March 8, 2007


I posted the Club Coupes story (previous) strictly for the purpose of being able to run this fan letter about it, as I seldom get anything other than hate mail. I love you too, Dave:

Name: David Forslund
Comments: To: David Traver Alolphus
I enjoyed your Club Coupes feature. My definition is a convertible body
with a sedan top. While Nash may have had the most coupes over the years,
the "younger generation" loved those Ford 5 window coupes of the 30's (for
hot rods) and the '40 to '48's painted black, lowered and leaded,w/fender
shirts, red rims, Cadillac hubcaps, white walls and twin spots. (Sometimes a
sunvisor added.) Of course the '49 & '50 Merc's either customized or James
Dean style caught everyone's eye. There were coupes (as you showed) and then
there were COUPES! There's enough here, to do another article. Hope you
are right and someday they will return! (Chev had a few during the same
period that were "lookers" but no V-8) -- a necker's knob on the steering
wheel was "standard operende."

You did miss 2 of the most unique, interesting and some say most beautiful
coupes of all time: Raymond Loewy's 1951 curved rear window Studebaker and
his 1953 Studebaker coupe.
Now that you have researched coupes, you should write a book. Costco and
BJ's would sell 5000 copies...each!

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