Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hershey reCAP VI

Speaking of Mercedes-Benz, this is George Wingard’s 1913 Tourer, which claimed its First Junior at Hershey. George brought his car from Oregon; it has a body from Carrosserie D&E Snutsel Pere & Fils in Brussels. There was a deep crowd around it all weekend, ogling the Pebble Beach-winning former Brooklands racer. A vast inline-four cylinder aero engine makes 200hp from 21.495 liters, or 1,311.7-cu.in. That’s 328-cu.in per cylinder!

1 comment:

wolfnsheep said...

This guy is the biggest rober baron since Carnagie. Nice car how many does one guy need? When you have 328 cui per cyl do you have to pay special rates for carbon credits. Wolf or sheep you decide.