Wednesday, May 20, 2009

All the ear-marks of a sneaky Jap!

Description:Black & white cartoon drawing of two men talking. One hushes the other, while pointing upward at a drawing of a human ear centered on a Japanese flag design. In the background is a large ship and a factory. Two flags fly over the factory: One with an "E" on it, and another with "RCA" on it.
Note:"Litho. in U. S. A."

"Form 1S5269RE"

Based on the printer's mark and RCA flag in the image, this poster was most likely produced by RCA as part of its production incentive campaign. 

E-mailed RCA and its parent company Thomson requesting referral to librarian, but did not receive appropriate response. 5/11/04 

Other posters by Alexander are listed at DB#799 & 800.

Not found in library catalogs or indexes as of 5/28/2004.

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