Friday, August 10, 2012

Twenty Rejected American Le Mans Series Taglines

Apparently, I didn't grasp the seriousness and weight with which they regarded themselves. Also I wasn't being paid enough for what was essentially a complete rebranding, so I really didn't feel motivated to try that hard. It didn't help that the agency I was freelancing for was owned by an ALMS driver. Not at all.

  1. ALMS: [like] a 9,000 RPM, 700 horsepower, 200 MPH Swiss watch.
  2. America's breathtaking, world class professional racing series.
  3. From production-based Corvettes to Aston Martins to Le Mans Prototypes, there's no other American racing series to compare.
  4. The world's greatest sports cars prove themselves in the American Le Mans Series.
  5. At 200 MPH, you barely have time to think. That's why we serve drinks.
  6. The most sophisticated, well-run race teams in the world sometimes make it to the starting line. That doesn’t mean they’re good enough to win.
  7. The world’s greatest racers, in the world’s greatest cars, come to compete in front of America’s most passionate fans.
  8. Le Mans in France thinks American Le Mans is too competitive. We tend to disagree.
  9. When the world’s prestige automakers think they have something to prove, they come to ALMS to do it.
  10. The evolutionary pinnacle of American racing--everything else is a dead end.
  11. We think the other guys should be known as “French Le Mans” / If the world were a fair place, the other guys would have to call themselves “French Le Mans”.
  12. When racers talk about racing, they talk about ALMS.
  13. You don’t have to be a smart, sophisticated race fan to like ALMS--it just worked out that way.
  14. When races are run on Mars, our teams and fans will be there.
  15. If you want to know which teams are likely to win at Le Mans in France next year, look at ALMS this year.
  16. Where passionate fans enjoy unprecedented access to the highest-quality racing in America.
  17. Top brands, teams, tracks and passionate fans come together only in ALMS.
  18. For ALMS teams and fans, world-class racing isn’t a lifestyle--it’s their life.
  19. ALMS drivers don’t go to Formula 1--they don’t want to.
  20. Everything else is just going around in circles.

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