Monday, October 22, 2012

The Litter Box

"I'd watch an Aaron Sorkin show about people changing cat litter."

The Litter Box

INT: Hallway. JIMMY is walking forwards carrying a TRAY OF CAT LITTER in front of him. He is accompanied by LESLIE, a perky Southern blonde; and MICAH, a distinguished middle-aged black man.

JIMMY is in the middle of a conversation, which we hear part of as he comes into the frame.

JIMMY: So what you're telling me is that the entire litter box changing schedule has been changed?


JIMMY: The entire schedule?


JIMMY: And when did that happen?

MICAH: Just now.

JIMMY: What do you mean, just now?

MICAH: I mean we just changed the entire schedule.

JIMMY: But when did you do it? When was there a time when the entire schedule could be changed?

LESLIE: At lunch.

JIMMY: At lunch?

LESLIE: At lunch.

JIMMY: As in, today at lunch?


JIMMY: While I was already changing the cat litter, you all just got together, had a meeting, and changed the entire schedule?


JIMMY: Why didn't you include me?

MICAH: Because you were busy.

JIMMY: Yes, I was busy changing the cat litter, while you were changing the litter box schedule.

MICAH: We just all happened to be at lunch, and thought it would be a good idea.

JIMMY: I wasn't at lunch.

LESLIE: We didn't think you'd mind.

JIMMY: I'm curious. During this mystery litter box changing schedule changing meeting, when did you get scheduled for litter box changing?


JIMMY: Either of you.

MICAH: It turns out that you ended up with most of the slots.

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